Musical Partnership


Basel Zayed has found a lot of inspiration from very talented people over the years and enjoyed great successes with his performances on stage with various artists covering many artistic areas such as poetry, singing, musical compositions and album productions, during various events in different countries, covered nicely with exceptional reviews for such performances.

Zayed joined Marcel Khalifé, as part of the Palestian Youth Orchestra in Beiteddine Festival in 2009.

Issa Bolous, a Palestinina composer, reflected his work and experience in many musical pieces using Basel's voice.

Poets like, Amer Badran, Najwan Darweesh, Samer Alsalhi and Mahmoud Abo Hashhash, Husein Al-Barghuthi and many others passed their heartfelt feelings and imaginary words though Basel's ongoing musical production.

Basel has a long experience with other vocalists like Reem Talhami, Sana Musa, Lara Elayyan, Dalal Abu Amneh, Waleed Abdel-Salam and many others working with them on vocal pieces.